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Honda CR-V 2016 PTS AT Does not start with cold EVO-ONE

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My CR-V 2016 PTS diesel automatic transmission does not start when temps are cold outside. Fortin tries 3 times as programmed, lights turn on, but car wont start.

I think issue is that when temps are cold, car usually takes 3-5 seconds depending of temps to prime something before igniting car and i think its not enough for Fortin and it cancels and tries again.

When programming Fortin what parameter should i change to wait it out?
asked Mar 10, 2023 in Honda by KaPa (320 points)
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Try activating the 10seconds wait to start in the Evo-One option , option 18.3


seems like your Evo-One tries to start the engine but the ECU of the car is doing a glowplug cycle and won't let the engine start immediately


so the Evo-One don't detect a tach signal, it shutdown and try again
answered Mar 14, 2023 by Jerome Thomassin (2,450 points)
selected Dec 30, 2023 by KaPa